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Gator Hunting Services in Orlando, FL

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Few things are more exciting and memorable than alligator hunting in the marshlands of Florida. It's an excellent opportunity to have a fun-filled family adventure. Hunters will not only have the chance to capture the trophy gator of a lifetime, but they will also be able to see Florida's wildlife at its best as they travel through marshlands in the middle of the night, gliding in just a few inches of water on an airboat. It feels like a never-ending carnival ride. Before selecting your guide for this exciting and dangerous hunting adventure, we hope you will consider some of the following:

Jim's record book trophy gator in Orlando, FL.
Jim Shoekey's Record Book Gator

Two men and a trophy gator in Orlando, FL.

Safety is important to us. Each guide has a cell phone and a well-stocked first aid kit. They carry a surplus of equipment, and we always have a "what if" plan in place. All of our guides have over ten years of experience in dealing with alligators. Our guides are experienced and proficient enough in providing gator hunting services to conduct groups of more than a dozen hunters at a time. Our guides will do everything within their abilities to make certain that you have a safe and memorable adventure. Our guides will provide you with as many opportunities as possible to harvest one of Florida's ageless dinosaurs. Unlike the competition who can average three clients a year, we average over forty clients a year.

We are located 45 minutes southeast of Orlando and just 30 minutes south of the Kennedy Space Center. Beautiful public beaches are only five miles away, and there are numerous family activities to do in the area.

Alligator hunt in Orlando, FL.

Public Hunts

From August 15th through October 31st, the State of Florida will issue several thousand tags through a lottery system for our guided alligator hunting adventure.

Sport Hunts

We provide sport hunting for alligators which is available year around. These are one-day hunts but can require a second day due to Mother Nature. Alligators can be taken with rifles, bows or harpoons (night).

Trophy Hunts

Trophy hunts are done all year. These trophy gator hunts are three days or two nights. Alligators can be taken with rifles, bows or harpoons (night).


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